When an individual has been arrested, various factors are considered by the court to determine the appropriate bail. The judge has the authority to set bail on a case-by-case basis, either by adhering to a standard bail amount, raising or lowering this amount, or even completely denying bail. Once bail has been established, this amount must be paid to release the person from custody. These are some of the most common factors used to set bail.

Posted Bail Schedules

Most courts have guidelines that determine a ballpark bail amount for each crime. Judges often use this amount as a starting point to determine bail. The more serious the crime, the higher the bail will be set. Keep in mind that defendants are typically charged with the most serious possible offense, which inflates the required bail. For example, a person who is arrested for marijuana possession may be charged with intent to sell, a more severe crime.

Criminal Record

In general, a defendant who has a history of committing crimes is usually subject to a higher bail amount than someone who committed the same crime but does not have a record.

Likelihood of Flight

If a defendant is unlikely to show up for court if he or she is released, the judge will commonly increase the bail amount to prevent this from happening. Those who have ties to the community, such as family, home, or business, are considered less of a flight risk than defendants who do not have these ties. A history of missing court hearings will result in increased bail.

Public Safety Risk

If the defendant is a risk to others, the judge will raise the required bail or even deny bail completely. Those who have committed violent crimes are often incarcerated until their court dates.


Some courts rely on mathematical algorithms to determine an individual’s risk of reoffending or missing court appearances. In this case, the judge uses software that considers age, criminal history, and record of failing to appear to set the bail amount.

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