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 Expert, Reliable Bail Bonds Service in Jacksonville and Yulee, FL

When you or a friend or family member have been arrested, posting bail and adhering to the attendant requirements can be perplexing. One misstep could send you back to jail, so it’s vital to play by the rules. That’s where Daniel Bail Bonds comes into play, with 24-hour bail bond services you can count on in Jacksonville and Yulee, FL.

We Take Responsibility for Our Clients

As a bail bond services company, we are responsible to the authorities for ensuring our clients appear in court as and when needed for any proceedings they might be involved in. Our team of certified, highly skilled bail bond agents will ensure you show up to court based on the terms of your bail.

Simple Support to Keep You Out of Jail

Often, people end up back in jail for violation of the terms of the bail posted because they don’t understand the complicated legalese in their bail terms. Not so with our clients. We ensure you meet all the requirements of your release. Simply follow our easy-to-understand guidelines, and you will be just fine.

Easing Your Way Through the Bail Bonds Process

A person sitting behind bars waiting for help from Daniel Bail Bonds in Yulee and Jacksonville, FL

When you reach out to our team for 24-hour bonding, you receive not just the bail bond services but also our assistance with all the legal documentation and paperwork that the bail bond process entails. Things that can be confusing for most people are familiar ground for our team of certified bail bondsmen, who have many years of experience helping clients navigate the legal process.

How Soon Can You Expect the Release?

Once you get in touch and we help you with the paperwork, the time until release will depend on where the person is being held. In general, release from a police station takes an hour, sometimes less. If the individual for whom bail is being posted is in jail, then expect to wait between 6 and 12 hours for release once the bail is posted.


When you are in need of 24/7 bail bond service from Daniel Bail Bonds, call our Yulee location at (904) 225-2755 or our Jacksonville office at (904) 503-1479. Our agents are waiting to assist you.

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